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How Equo Works for Riders

There’s a Perfect Equo Ride For Any and Every Occasion.


Tap, Tap, Ride

Choose your type of ride, select the pickup location and get ready to Equo!


Forget the Cash!

Every ride is charged to your credit card so you will not have to pay or tip your driver with cash.


We’re Always Listening

After every ride you ‘ll be able to rate your driver and provide anonymous feedback to help improve the Equo experience, leaving room for top quality practices only.

Equo Ride Plans

Rush TM

For those times when a last minute calls for immediate action, Equo Rush has on demand drivers ready to make emergency travel a smooth experience.

Planned TM

For the planners who have scheduled events within weeks or months time, Equo planned lets you take full control and schedule rides in advance, plan timeframes, routes and drivers.

Pool TM

You can share a ride with others and still make it on time! Equo Pool rides stay within 100 miles of the original route. This is the best way to get your horse around at a lower cost.

Meet Our Riders

Tiffany Foster


Kristen Vanderveen


Daniel Bluman


Concierge Service

Here's a sum of things Equo Concierge does for you

Transportation Planning

Our all-star team is available 24/7, 365 days a year for all and any needs you might have!


Need coggins and health certs? Don't worry! We got you covered! We are prepared to help you organize all your paper work needed for your horses. Just let us know and we will get it all done for you!

Easy Payment

Every trip is charged separately and once it is finished so you can keep track of when and where your horses were shipped. We accept all major credit cards!

Monthly Reports

You will receive a monthly report of all your shipping activities. You can request your reports as detailed or simple as you’d like!


Thanks to our extensive network of shippers around the country, we are able to ship when and where you need! From 1 horse to 100 we got you covered!

Run Your Business with ease.

Use Equo Concierge for all your traveling needs!

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